Between the years 2015/16 in Gdańsk

Pretty bad weather at the first day. Covered in rainclothes it was fun to walk from Gdynia to Sopot though. Last picture was not edited with a soft-lens-effect, but my camera was just…wet!

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Second day. To escape from the bad weather there are many possibilities in Gdańsk. What I like most are the museums in Oliwa. They are not quite famous, but presenting their exhibitions with great passion and give a very interesting view on Polish and European arts and culture. I love both of them!

Gdańsk is well-known for its shipyards. And related to the history of process gaining back democracy (see my blog-post here). So my day ended there.

I am far away from being a professional photographer. So there is possibly much to enhance. Don’t think about it or tell me how and what. Pictures are meant to give an idea about this nice city and surrounding area!

From Oliwa tramwaj-station to the museums. Dziękuję bardzo to the magnific community of Polish OpenStreetMappers!

From tramwaj-station to the museums: Passing the ‚Park Oliwski‘. OK: In summer it is even more beautiful ;)!

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There had been some more days in Gdańsk. So: Do zobaczenia wkrótce, here 😉!

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