Kayaking the Odra next to Gryfino

Exploring the Odra was a big dream, since I crossed this amazing river many times on the Autobahn on my way to Poland. So this time I did it ;)!

As I have been told from experienced kayak-collegues and from publications of Polish administratives it is tolerated for single kayaks to visit the natural habitat.

So I did. Well, a little ;). Because it was hard work to move a few meters due to pretty well-growing underwater-plants. It waslike moving in a milk-shake.

And finally I had to stop and turn back (most Northern point on map), because a wild pig with a few young shoats was sending signals, that I shouldnt come closer even a single centimeter – I understood, even not speaking their language ;). And you are lost, turning with the boat and being without a paddle for a little chance to defend yourself…

Poland is a country with an amazing nature. My strongest wish is, that the nice and kind Polish people start to care for their natural habitats. Stop and remove the waste!

Odra near Pryfino
My trip: Starting next to the bridge at the other side of river Odra I turned North, met a wild pig and turned South…

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